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COS Medical Supplies, Inc. is a one-stop shopping site that offers ostomy and ostomy-related products at discount prices.  It is also the dream, made reality, of the founder who's 25 years of personal experience managing a conventional and later continent ostomy have convinced the founder of the value of three principles surrounding successful management of an ostomy condition: knowledge, choice and affordability.  The desire to see these principles in action have brought manufacturers and customers together in a virtual marketplace.


At COS Medical Supplies, Inc., we strongly believe you, the ostomate, can improve your quality of life by learning to control the condition, rather than letting the condition control you. The first step to gaining back control of your life is to learn and get knowledgeable; knowledgeable about your condition, knowledgeable about products, and knowledgeable about methods. Our ostomy links page is a comprehensive list of sites dealing with ostomies, discussion boards, manufacturer information and medical resources.  Although not all-inclusive, the page is an excellent starting place for familiarizing yourself with the wealth of information available regarding your ostomy and its care. Or participate in our forum to learn about other ostomatesí experiences with products and methods. This knowledge is invaluable for regaining your dignity and quality of life.


Along with knowledge, we believe that you can better control your condition by choosing the products that best fit your lifestyle and circumstances.  Manufacturers have made great advancements in designing and producing quality ostomy products for all types of individuals.  COS Medical Supplies, Inc. focuses on ostomy and ostomy-related products. Our goal is to offer you the entire array of available ostomy products from all manufacturers.  We update our store daily with new products and we make it easy and convenient for you to customize your care.   You can Browse by Manufacturer, Browse by Index, Browse by Conventional Ostomy or Browse by Continent Ostomy. Our product pages also contain useful tips for their use along with easy cross-reference links to find appropriate related products.  The more choices you have, the more freedom and flexibility you have to manage your ostomy.


Our third operating principle is to offer you low prices on the products you choose.  The increasing costs of medical supplies and the high costs of insurance have made it difficult for ostomates to retain their quality of life.  At COS Medical Supplies, Inc. we recognize that knowledge and choice of products is useless unless those products are affordable.  Thatís why every aspect of our business operation is designed to pass savings on to you, the customer.  

  • We efficiently leverage technology by utilizing a shopping cart with secure software.  Your order is immediately sent electronically to the supplier where your products are drop-shipped to you from the closest warehouse.  To maintain the efficiency of our ordering system, we accept no phone orders but we believe youíll be more than satisfied with our low prices.

  • We maintain customer service hours Monday - Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST to save on employee costs. However, we make every effort to return your emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

  • We accept no insurance or Medicare. The prohibitive costs of accepting these payments would not allow us to maintain our low prices.

  • Because returns are so costly, we maintain a strict return policy with a restocking fee to encourage you to place accurate orders.

At COS Medical Supplies, Inc. we welcome your feedback and comments about our store, products or shopping experience. Feel free to email us at

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